like we all want to be gilinsky’s girlfriend and do cute things with him like hold hands and go to disneyland and have little dates and wear his big hoodies.

but we also want to fuck him really hard and have arguments and make him jealous and make out with him drunk and have him sneak out to be with you at 3am.

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Shawn has made the whole fandom so proud in the past year and I don’t think anyone expected him to become this successful this early but I’m happy for him. I just hope he doesn’t forget the people that helped him get him here☺️😔

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You might be a nash girl

Or a cam girl

Or a matt girl

Or a carter girl

Or a taylor girl

Or a gilinsky girl

Or a johnson girl

Or an aaron girl

Or a shawn girl

Or a dillon girl

Or a jacob girl

Or a hayes girl

Hell you might even be a bart girl

But everyone

And i mean EVERYONE


never let this post die bc its the truth

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